Newsletter 5th July - 4th August 2011

This past month weather has been amazing so the Faxaflói Cetacean Research team has spend a lot of time at sea collecting data. A lot of time it was possible to observed minke whales in large numbers in the bay, very close to coast. Most the time they would be observed actively surface feeding, rolling underwater, displaying ventral arcs, oblique lunges and always interacting with flocks of seabirds like gannets, gulls and auks.
Dolphins have been sighted a much larger amount of times compared to the other months and many times we would spot large groups with calves present. One time in particular a pod of dolphins was observed and followed for a while feeding on mackerel in association with plunge diving gannets. It was incredible!
Precisely, from 5th July to 4th August 2011 130 Minke whales and 29 white-beaked dolphin have been photographed and identified. Among them, 14 Minke whales and 9 white-beaked dolphins have been already identified from previous years.
Here we want to present the re-sighted animals to you and tell you a little about each individual sighting history, as well as showing you some of the best photos which were taken by the research team this past month.

Download and Enjoy!

p.s. I very special thanks goes to Michelle, Aurélie and Sarah for helping me out in the field this month in collecting photo-IDs of whales and dolphins!

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