Newsletter 1st June – 30th June 2012

The month of June has always been a changing one. Some years it would be great and others it would be quite. This year it was a very rich of surprises. First few humpbacks were sighted (we all thought that after May we would not have the chance to see them that much again), the minkes started showing their surface feeding manoeuvres (the Resight Guy gave us one unforgettable tour on 11th when it displayed lunges and oblique lunges for almost all our tour). Some of the closest encounter with the white-beaked dolphins tool place this month, as it is proven by one of our best photos of the month.
From 1st June to 30st June 2012 50 minke whales, 24 white-beaked dolphins were photographed and identified. Among them, 15 minke whales and 9 white-beaked dolphin have been already identified from previous years.
Here we want to present the re-sighted animals to you and tell you a little about each individual sighting history, as well as showing you some of the best photos which were taken by the research team this past month.

Download and Enjoy!

p.s. I very special thanks goes to Ernst, Marion, Nicolas, Océane and Tina for helping me out in the field this month in collecting photo-IDs of whales and dolphins.

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