Newsletter 1st May – 31st May 2012

A second month has passed and more data have been collected. The number of minke whales in the bay has been steadily increasing and more of the individual whales that we know since years have been sighted again in the bay. It was so amazing to see Donut coming back again, The Resight Guy, and all the others. It is always a joy to see that they survived the winter and the whaling and they found their way back to Faxaflói Bay also this spring. White-beaked dolphins were sighting during 8 of our tours during the all month. A very nice encounter with them took place on 12th May when we followed a large group of dolphins which positively interacted with us by following us on the side and bow riding.
From 1st May to 31st May 2012 35 minke whales, 24 white-beaked dolphins were photographed and identified. Among them, 11 minke whales and 1 white-beaked dolphin have been already identified from previous years.
Here we want to present the re-sighted animals to you and tell you a little about each individual sighting history, as well as showing you some of the best photos which were taken by the research team this past month.

Download and Enjoy!

p.s. I very special thanks goes to Sarah and Richard for helping me out in the field this month in collecting photo-IDs of whales and dolphins!

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