Pedro S. Baranda
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Pedro is a Marine Biologist that divides his time among research and rehabilitation. When he is not busy tagging whales or restraining seals, he likes to draw. He has founded two stranding networks and one of his goals is to help create another two, one in North Iceland and the other in British Columbia, Canada. He has worked on eleven different countries and he will continue being a world traveller as long as there are animals to be studied or rescued.


Research assistants

2014 - Faxafloi: Loes de Heus, Monica Lozano Subiranas, Aymeric Fromant, Hanna Michel, Rowena Diggle

2013 - Faxafloi: Kyle Artym, Yusuf Buhadi, Virginie Wyss, Clare Owen, Marie LaRiviere, Jacopo di Clemente, Kate Matthews, Harrison Garside, Clare Owens, Madeline Bucher, Malgorzata Gazda, Jasmine Owen, Monica Lozano Subiranas, Jack Ball
2013 - Skjalfandi: Kieranna McCormick, Aurelien De Jode, Yvonne Radstake, Ailie Suzuki, Tania Marques, Naomi Brennan

2012 - Faxafloi: Sarah Lawrence, Richard Mardens, Marion Carrier, Ernst Schrjiver, Nicolas Goddard, Oceane Graillot, Ellie Cooper, Emma Simpson-Wells, Helene Roger-Berube, Meggie Hudspith, Tina Klesse

2012 - Skjalfandi: Natan Hoefnagel, Anna Michieli, Michelle Gileppi, Jose Juan Puebla Colin, Marie-Therese Mrusczok, Lorelei Guery, Frances James
2011: Caroline R. Weir, Michelle Brana Bradin, Sarah Espinosa, Aurelie Bailly, Andri Steingrimursson
2010: Mirjam Held, Louisa Higby
2009: Thomas Barreau, Danilo Swann Matassa, Jerome Couvat
2008: Nina Struh, Gabriela Munoz, Megan Whittacker, Susana Simiao, Verena Peschko, Marie Louis
2007: Jorg Ratayczack

Collaborating organizations