Chiara Giulia Bertulli, PhD student
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Chiara’s research interests are primarily in marine mammal ecology and conservation, and especially in estimating population abundance, social and health parameters of coastal cetacean populations. The geographical focus of her work includes Icelandic coastal waters. For the past four years, her research has primarily focused on the Atlantic minke whale (B. acutorostrata) and white-beaked dolphin (L. albirostris).
Chiara has been working in the field of marine mammals for the last six years and recently completed (August 2010) a MSc in Marine Mammal Science from the University of Iceland, investigating the feeding behaviour of minke whales and white-beaked dolphins and inspecting the foraging association of both species with coastal seabirds. Her marine mammal background has included work with a variety of species (sperm whale, hector dolphin and humpback dolphin), in many different locations (Norway, New Zealand and Australia), and with different research methodologies, including photo-identification work/fin matching and distance sampling.

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